About us

         From our experiences of the development and success, Asahi Omni (Thailand) Co., Ltd. who is exclusive distributor in Thailand under the brand name of "Asahi AV" provides superior service with variety of products such as valves, pipes and fittings which are well known in the international market. Asahi AV developed these products which offer various advantages, through many years of experience and wealth of know-how.

          Users rely entirely on Asahi AV products which feature competitive cost reliability and high quality such as resistance to corrosion, chemicals, abrasion resistance, temp, and UV resistance. Asahi AV products find use in the fields of chemicals; steel making; food; marine development; environmental preservation; construction; piping for hot springs, water supply and sewage and agricultural application; semiconductors; biochemistry; pharmaceuticals, mining, etc.

          Asahi Omni (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides our customers with on-site assistance, and we know the specific requests of the different applications and we also offer after-sales-services and helps with questions in the specific areas.



Company Profile

      - Asahi Omni (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in Thailand under the "Asahi AV" brand, the well-know brand in the international market produces high quality valves, pipes and fittings. These products have the resistance to corrosion, abrasion, temparature, and UV. Therefore, they are used in various field ,for example, chemicals, steel , food, marine development, environmental preservation, construction, piping hot springwater, water supply, sewerage system, agriculture, semiconductors, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, mining, etc.

      With many years of experience, we can supply all of customer needs .Our seasoned and knowledgeable sales team is committed to providing competitive pricing, quality products and extraordinary customer service, such as on-site service and after-sales service.